Posted by: oatmealbear | December 30, 2009

Quasi-Top 10 Games of the Decade

Yahoo has released their picks for Top Ten Games of the Decade.

The list is comically tragic, ranging from questionable to groan- inducing. (GTA III, really? Really?)  Please note that I’m basing my reactions on their own stated criteria: “Taking quality, influence, sales and general greatness into account, here are our picks for the top ten titles released between 2000 and 2009.”  Yes, many of these games are fun and widely popular.  That alone does not mean greatness.  For reference, I direct your attention to the cinematic masterpiece called Twilight.

10.  Super Mario Galaxy: Fun with the gravity flipping mechanic but more solid than outstanding.

9.  Half Life 2: If the argument is that it became the basis for better games like TF2, then yes it was a cornerstone.  Top 10? Have you actually played it?

8. Wii Fit: Interactive and easily understood, true.  Popular?  Apparently.  Amazing and groundbreaking? Negative.

7.  Bejeweled:  Highly addictive in the classic puzzle arcade tradition and widely popular.  Definitely up there but again we’re talking about the ENTIRE DECADE here.

6. Wii Sports: I’m noticing a trend here, and if lowest common denominator is the yardstick then sure why not.

5. Halo: Definitely gave some credibility to console shooters and probably one of the most widely marketed franchises.  Deserves to be on the list but not so high.

4. Guitar Hero: I personally never saw the appeal, but it made “rhythm games” hip and acceptable for parties everywhere.  A grudging nod it doth deserve.

3. The Sims: Barbie dolls times infinity.  Add Godlike omnipotence.  Profit.

2. World of Warcraft: The definition of gaming addiction.  Still not top 10.

1. Grand Theft Auto III:  Ugh. Controversy does not mean quality, and the actual environments of Liberty City were bland and uninspired.  Vice City was actually a better iteration of Rockstar’s game model.  If anything, it was a prime example of mainstream news providers examining games on the most superficial level.

If I’ve insulted a game you love, don’t take it personally.  I just don’t think many of these titles deserve to be considered the 10 Top Games of an entire decade.


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